How do you know the Bible is true?
This question as been argued for centuries. However, a review of history, science and continued archeological discoveries reveal that the farther we move chronologically away from the writing of the Bible, the more evidence is uncovered that supports Biblical accounts. This is counter-intuitive. Typically, the farther we are removed from an event, accuracy diminishes. An example is the Holocaust during World War II. Barely fifty years have gone by, and there are those that a claiming that it never existed. There is far less evidence, due to document and picture aging, then there was just ten years ago. The flood depicted in Genesis, however, was thousands of years ago. But God, continues to provide new evidence that a world-wide flood did occur. There is more evidence to support the Bible today, than there has ever been!

Don’t all “Religions” lead to the same God?
Many “religious” leaders state this, and at first it seems to make sense. After all, wouldn’t a god want to reach everyone? God does want to reach everyone, but there are too many discrepancies in the character of different gods. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father, but by me.” [John 14:6] It would be inconsistent with God’s character for His son, Jesus to make this claim, if it were not true! If all religions point to God, then Jesus lied! Jesus was not only God’s Son, but God in the flesh! So if Jesus lied, then God lied! If God lies, then all religion is false, and man kind is doomed! But, if the Bible is true, then God will not lie. Jesus statement is true, and all other religions lead to destruction.

If Jesus was the Messiah, why did the Jews kill him?
First of all the Jews, by themselves did not kill Jesus! Jesus willingly died, to pay for our sins. WE killed Jesus! In order to pay for our sins, Jesus needed to die through punishment. Many of the Jews did not recognize who Jesus was. Many thought of him as a false prophet. But dying on the cross was in the salvation plan. One last thing on this subject, Jesus died for our sins, but He was made alive again to prove He has the power to overcome death. This assures us that we too, will overcome death, on the Last Day.

Are miracles still being performed?
Jesus performed miracles for several reasons, first to prove His power. He also performed miracles because they were needed. Miracles are always of a supernatural power. Sometimes, miracles that are claimed to be so today, are not really miracles. Miracles are occurrences that could only happen by the power of God, such as the creation of life.

When will Jesus return?
Next Tuesday, at 3:00 PM. OK not really. No one knows the exact time. Scripture tells us that it will be quickly and suddenly, just as lightning; it will come when we least expect it, as a thief in the night. Therefore, we always need to be ready. We are ready when we trust Jesus as our Savior.

My friend claims to be a Christian, yet sometimes he doesn’t act like it. How can he be a Christian?
Believers are committed to walk as Christ walked. Our behavior should reflect Christ’s behavior. You have probably seen the “WWJD” emblems. “What would Jesus do?” is the question being asked. The truth is most of us Christians struggle on a daily basis. Being a Christian is not about being perfect, it is about being forgiven. It is a journey towards righteousness, not suddenly being righteous. I wish it was that easy! I can’t say if your friend is, in fact, a Christian. What I can say is Christians should continually work at showing Christ through their actions.

If I become a Christian, is it still possible that bad things will happen to me?
Becoming a Christian does not guarantee a trouble-free life. In fact, there will be additional pressures. The adversary is not too thrilled with Christians, and will attack in any way he feels will work. What Christians do have is an indwelling Holy Spirit. We have the power of the Comforter, the very presence of God. Christian’s have troubles too, but we don’t face them alone!

How do I become a Christian?
Repent and believe. When we acknowledge our sin to God and believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior from sin, the Holy Spirit has at that moment brought you to faith in Jesus Christ. You are then a Christian.

But I don’t know how to pray!
If you know how to communicate, you know how to pray. There is no special prayer, there are no magic words. Just talk to the Creator! Tell Him your condition. He already knows this, but you need to openly acknowledge it! Don’t try to be fancy, or impress God with your flowery speech. God is only interested in your heart!

I am a Christian, how do I know what God wants me to do?
Pray and ask God to guide you. The Scriptures give guidance for how we are to live as God’s people. Everything we do is to be guided by God’s Word, whether it’s in our occupation, living in family, or our activities in society. When you need to make decisions that are not addressed directly in God’s Word you can also pray, consult with other people (especially mature Christians) for guidance, and even speak to a pastor. Occasionally, people will say that God told them to do something. In that case, a is good question to consider, “How do you know God spoke to you?” Could it have been another “voice”?
Remember God will never have you do anything that will not honor Him. If you think you hear “Go greatly into debt to buy the latest and greatest thing”, it is probably not God speaking!